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Product Name: White Factice
CAS No: 40029990
Product Type: Rubber Materials
Product spec: -
Packing: 25Kgs Brand New HDPE Bags
Post Time: 2018-07-09
Description: White Factice is vulcanized unsaturated vegetable or animal oil, used as a processing aid and property modifier in rubber. Cross-linking the fatty-acid chains with sulfur (brown factice) or S₂Cl₂ (white factice) yields a rubbery material that improves the processing characteristics and ozone resistance of rubber. Varying the amount of factice changes the physical properties of the rubber; molded items might be 5-10% factice, extrusions 15-30%. Rubber erasers can have as much as 4 times factice as rubber in their composition. For Domestic and Export Packing 25Kgs Brand New HDPE Bags
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